Getting Ready to Launch

Prepare for launch with these 6 steps of readiness

By launching Workplace to your organization, you're about to transform the way your organization communicates, collaborates and builds culture. This is an exciting moment, and we can't wait for you to get started.
But before you can start planning your rollout, you'll need to a few critical steps to get you set you up and ready for a successful Workplace launch.
1. Align on business drivers
1. Align on business drivers
Clearly identify company goals that can be impacted by Workplace. This isn't just about launching “another tool”. It's about driving meaningful change for your organization with tangible objectives and plans.
If you're unsure how to identify your business drivers, you can conduct a Workplace Value Assessment Workshop to not only identify your business drivers for using Workplace but also the value Workplace can bring to your business.
2. Gain executive sponsorship
2. Gain executive sponsorship
Confirm that your C-suite is ready to embrace a new way of communicating, sharing information and buiilding company culture with Workplace.
3. Ensure IT alignment
3. Ensure IT alignment
Understanding your technical landscape will result in better security, account management and automation on Workplace. Bring in your IT team early on and share the Technical Set Up Guide. It covers all the steps they will need to take to set your Workplace up for success.
4. Build your Workplace project team
4. Build your Workplace project team
You'll need to build a Workplace project team to help plan out and execute your launch. A typical Workplace project team consists of:
  1. Executive sponsor: to drive buy-in and direction from the top of the organization.
  2. Project manager: to manage the project and coordinate resources during implementation.
  3. IT/HR leads: to import all employees and integrate with an identity provider/SSO if applicable.
  4. Internal communications lead: to plan and execute your internal communication strategy.
  5. Workplace champions: to define Workplace content for launch and be platform advocates. We'll get into Workplace champions in more detail a little later.
Invite each member of your project team to Workplace and follow up with them to ensure they activate their profile.
Add each project team member to a secret “Workplace Launch" group to centralize project planning. This will also help your project team learn how to use Workplace. Learn how to create a group here
5. Confirm if you'll need Partner support
5. Confirm if you'll need Partner support
Partners will help you reduce your project work and drive higher engagement. You can work with a Workplace Partner to launch Workplace company-wide and increase adoption after you launch.
6. Identify a launch date
6. Identify a launch date
Confirming a launch date to deploy Workplace to your whole organization will help you stay on track and motivated.
Key takeaways
Key takeaways
Confirm you have the six steps of readiness in place prior to launching Workplace:
  • Align on business drivers
  • Gain executive sponsorship
  • Ensure IT alignment
  • Build your project team
  • Confirm if you'll need partner support
  • Identify a launch date

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